Imagine Me -- Up Close to President Obama!

I would just like to say that IFPO services and ID's are awesome and have allowed me to get into places I would have never dreamed of getting into -- even to the foot of the stairs of Air Force 1 in Charlotte, NC! A lot of the places when I arrive, announced or unannounced, see my US Press Corps Credentials and don't even ask any questions, just let me enter and do my thing. The IFPO services provided for us are awesome. I have covered a lot of major events using the IFPO IDs to get in.

I would recommend to any photographer or journalist out there to sign up for IFPO programs. They are A BIG DOOR OPENER. Thank you IFPO for what you do for us and keep up the good work and coming up with all these great ideas to make our job, and work so easy and fun. Thank you again and do have a blessed day. Life Member Gregory L Coats Sr., Raleigh, NC, member since February 2010.


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