"Thanks to IFPO, I have achieved my dream."

I have had my work printed in 22 magazines since I joined IFPO. IFPO credentials helped me get my foot in the door shooting and writing for some of the worlds top motorcycle magazines. I was known by my pen name of "Krickett."

I began my first magazine as a fulltime staff photojournalist with a national motorcycle magazine, Crossroads Motorcycle Magazine. It was a magazine sold in Books a Million, Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores around the nation.I was published monthly with several articles a month for 3 years until they went under. The last issue I had the cover shot!

Once I had my foot in the door, I was taken under the wing and mentored by one of America's oldest and most famous motorcycle magazine photographers, "Rogue" of Easyrider's BIKER magazine. I contributed regularly and was published by Pasiano Publications which included an umberella of Easyriders, BIKER, and In the Wind Biker magazines. I shot primarily for BIKER covering motorcycle rallies twice a year in the South along with frequently published photos shared between the three sister magazines. I also shot for a regional bike magazine known as Al/Fl Thunder Roads Magazine as a regular staff photojournalist for 6 years. I was a regular staff photojournalist for another national magazine known as Wheels of Grace, a Christian motorcycle magazine for 3 years. I also shot for several years for Christian Biker magazine. I was a contributor for BIKER 2000 magazine, another magazine available in bike shops and Harley shops nationwide.

I was subcontracted to do all the photography for a national bike rally in Panama City known as Thunder Beach Bike Rally back in 2008 and was paid well...they even paid for me to shoot aerial shots in a helicopter they provided!! Those pictures were used by the company that promoted this rally for advertising nationwide and website.

I currently have my work on the Patriot Guard of Alabama website. The same shot for that page was once used by the US Military for funeral brochures for American Veterans funerals. My work was also used by the US Army when shot funerals for familes while shooting for the US Patriot Guard Riders of Alabama. My work continues to be featured on different websites. Thanks to IFPO, I have achieved my dream of one day having my photography published as a Professional Photographer and Photojournalist for regional, national and international magazines sold in bookstores!" Becky "Krickett" Hullar IFPO Member


Becky Hullar


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March 2006