Thank You For Helping The "Little Guy"

Having my IFPO press pass for the last few years has allowed me to enter a new door of opportunity. I have used it to shoot a lot of different events and have never been prohibited. I am a former police officer, so I know "procedures" and have never abused the pass. I have shot for a couple of the museums at Balboa Park, organizations, the company I work for events, parades, astronomy events, military air shows, etc.

I was also allowed to cover a parade that was covered by national TV media (NBC). The police permitted me cross the barricades to do the shoot. I plan to utilize the Press cards I just renewed to shoot the annual Blue Angels air show.

My second passion is astronomy. I am a member of the San Diego Astronomy Association. Our club owns 10 acres about 1 1/2 hours east of San Diego in rural Tierra del Sol. Recently the Shockey Fire which burned over 2500 acres and took one life came within 100 yards of that property. I used my IFPO Press pass to get approval from the sheriff to get into the area to get photos of the aftermath, including close ups of the remains of structures and land. The air was permeated from the burned brush and property charred beyond recognition. It's literally "moonscape" as the land was burned so deep that it will be years before the soil can produce living plants.

I'm excitedly awaiting my renewed Press Passes -- you never know when you will need them. My weekends include having my camera gear with me, on my back shooting religiously. So I love the comfort that If needed, I have the proper press accreditation.

I look forward to a long relationship with IFPO. Once my web site is up, I will definitely be sending some of my work to the magazine for review. Thank you for helping the "little guy."

John Restivo, San Diego, California, IFPO member since April 2009


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