"Now I Shoot Professional Sports and Get Paid For It"

"I've photographed the Chicago Bears from the Goodyear Blimp, been on the field with the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, and on the court with the Chicago Bulls. After months of having my photos rejected, I've now been published in "The Star", Communication World, Roofshots (White Sox magazine) and Marriage and Family Living. The Star has even hired me as a regular Stringer Photographer to shoot sports, features, and breaking news events.

I've covered accidents, protests, demonstrations, fires and crime scenes. I have covered special features on the handicapped, the homeless, and an air show. I am now a successful photojournalist, and still have time to freelance, spend time with my children and work on my photography degree. Go for it. IFPO has the greatest opportunities in the world.

Without IFPO and Today's Photographer magazine I wouldn't be where I am today."

Mary Compton, Illinois
IFPO Member Since 1987


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