Freelance Photographers’ Credentials: 5 Simple Ways to Build Your Photography Resume

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As a freelance photographer, one of the best ways to get your name out there and start building your career is by joining the International Freelance Photographers Organization. Through this organization, you can connect with other photographers, learn about photography news and opportunities, and build your portfolio. In addition to joining the IFPO, we’ve composed an article on the top five easiest ways to build your resume and develop your freelance photographers’ credentials. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to impressing clients and nailing every job!

Top 5 Easy Ways to Build Freelance Photographers’ Credentials

Building your resume doesn’t have to be a chore—in fact, there are plenty of easy and fun ways to add experience to your background and grow in your work and profession. Here are the top 5 ways to build your freelance photography resume:

  1. Join the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO): Joining the International Freelance Photographers Association is an essential step for budding photographers who are looking to expand their network and gain access to international events. This organization is a great way to stay inspired, learn valuable tips and tricks, get advice from fellow freelancers, and take advantage of other benefits associated with belonging to professional groups. Not only can you associate with other freelance photographers to share ideas and opportunities with, but you also have access to a large network of photographers and potential customers and collaborators worldwide. With so many tools and resources available through the IFPO, it’s easy to see why joining this group is a stellar choice for any freelance photography entrepreneur serious about building their resume.
  2. Seek part- or full-time employment or internships with an established photographer: Starting a career as freelance photography can be daunting since so much of the industry relies on prior experience. An ideal way to get started is by looking for ways to get more knowledge and experience by volunteering your time or seeking an internship; this provides the opportunity to study under an expert photographer and hone your craft. Another option is to work as an Apprentice for a well-known photographer on occasion without pay. This gets you inside the business of working with clients, job preparation, and real customer relations — none of which can be learned in a photography school. You can even look for part-time jobs in photography studios if you don’t find any openings for internships or consider taking on a second job elsewhere while you build your portfolio and perfect your technique.
  3. Offer to take photos for friends, family, and local businesses for free: For budding freelance photographers just starting out, offering to take photos for free can be a great way to build a resume or portfolio. You can start by calling upon family and friends so you can practice your craft; due to the familiarity you already have with them, this will give you an opportunity to showcase your work without feeling the pressure of a paying client. Once your early customer base starts to build, local businesses may be more open to working with you if they understand that you’re still building your portfolio. Joining the International Freelance Photographers Organization is also a good option for getting your name out there as an established photographer, helping to build your resume, getting published more easily, and providing opportunities for networking with other photographers who have trod similar paths. Furthermore, access to teaching materials for making sure you are guiding clients through the process of photoshoots can also be very beneficial in building a successful career.
  4. Create a website or an online portfolio of your best work to showcase globally and in person: In the modern age, it is crucial for any freelance photographer to develop an online presence in order to showcase their work in order to make inroads in the industry and potentially land clients. Building a website or online portfolio of your best work is a simple way in which burgeoning photographers can begin to create a name for themselves in this profession. Furthermore, having such an online platform will enable you to present your portfolio at a moment’s notice with potential clients over WiFi, meaning that even if you can’t meet in person, you’ll still have access to those who may be seeking your unique skillset. What’s more, you don’t need to spend a fortune when constructing your website either; depending on your choices, there are ways you can build websites for relatively cheap if you’re just getting started.
  5. Attend workshops and seminars related to photography to learn from experienced professionals: Expanding your knowledge of photography is a great way to take your skills to the next level. With programs and courses like those offered through the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO), budding freelance photographers can not only build their inventory of experience but also pad their resumes with top-notch information. Consider taking a workshop or attending seminars related to photography where you can learn important techniques from the pros. Such events will provide invaluable networking opportunities as well; take advantage of them to find future work and make contacts that can help take your career further.
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Build Freelance Photographers’ Credentials with the IFPO

Taking the initiative to build your freelance photographer’s resume is critical in order to make a name for yourself and attract more business. Joining the International Freelance Photographers Association (IFPO), getting a part-time job or internship at a photography studio, offering to take pictures for friends, family, and locally based businesses for free, creating a portfolio of your best work on an easily accessible website, and attending workshops and seminars related to photography are five simple ways you can begin building your resume.  By leveraging the many networking opportunities with the IFPO, improving the quality of your work through practice and skill enhancement workshops, demonstrating your talent by providing free photo shoots for friends and acquaintances as well as local companies, curating an impressive public portfolio of your work on social media platforms, and learning from knowledgeable professionals about the craft of photography, you are positioning yourself for success in this competitive field. While it may be time-consuming in the beginning, it will pay off dividends in no time!

Building your resume is essential when looking to kick-start any aspiring freelance photographer’s career so click here to join the International Freelance Photographers Association (IFPO) now!