US PRESS CORPS Pro Credentials

GET YOUR USA PRESS CREDENTIALS to Sports, Entertainment, News

$169 US PRESS CORPS PRO CREDENTIALS (issued for 3 Years)

Pro Access Press Credentials: The US Press Corps Pro credentials are ideal if a photographer or journalist NEEDS physical press credentials and editorial support to gain access to events. They work very well for larger events. These credentials come with our staff’s full editorial support:

Fully Supported: Fully Supported means that editors at American Image Press are available by phone (336-468-1138) M-F from 10am- 5pm EST or email ( to answer your questions about how to use your press credentials, approach an event or how to answer questions related to an covering an event. For most events, simply show up with your Press Card. For tougher events:

  • Our editors will write a specific letter stating that you are on assignment to cover an event on a specific date at a particular location.
  • Make an online application and provide complete details for a specific event for you.
  • Send an email to confirm that you are on assignment to cover an event on a specific date at a particular locations

On weekends and holidays assignments may be verified by calling 336-468-1138 or using your Verification site on the internet.

  • Wallet Press Hard Card 2″x 3.25″ (5.5cm x 8.5 cm)
  • Badge Press Hard Card 2″x 3.25″ (5.5cm x 8.5 cm)
  • Large Badge Card 3″x 4.5″ (8cm x 12cm). This 2X card is twice the size of the standard badge card and is easily visible from a distance of 20 ft.
  • Lanyard for Badge Cards
  • Hard Cards are made from high quality plastic like your Driver’s License or Credit Cards. Your photo is manufactured into the cards.
  • Press Credential Verification on our website
  • Custom Title (or No Title) on Cards.
  • Custom Business or Media Name (or No Business Name) on Cards.
  • Custom Flag (or No Flag) International Cards Only – Any Country Flag or UN or EU flags.
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