Gold Press Credentials


$99.00 GOLD PRESS CREDENTIALS (issued for 3 Years)

How This Program Works For You

The Gold Press Program has been in operation since October 7, 1986. IFPO Photographers and Journalists have succeeded more than 85% of the time since then for all kinds of events around the world using these press cards. Members carrying the Gold Press media credentials are on assignment for Today’s Photographer International magazine. The Gold Press program is backed up and supported by the editorial staff of the magazine. All the photos and articles in the magazine are by IFPO Members. Photographers and Journalists retain all rights to their photos and articles and are encouraged to also submit their work to other media outlets.

Members choose their own assignments. Most of the time, you can arrive at the press gate 30 minutes prior to an event, show your credentials, and as a member of the press, pass through. For high-profile events, the editors of Today’s Photographer magazine will write letters of assignment or submit applications on your behalf to help you gain access.


  • Wallet Press Hard Card 2″x 3.25″ (5.5cm x 8.5 cm)
  • Badge Press Hard Card and Lanyard 2″x 3.25″ (5.5cm x 8.5 cm)
  • Large Badge Card and Lanyard (3″x 4.5″ (8cm x 12cm)
  • Press Assignment Verification on the Internet
  • Press Assignment Request Form and How to Use Your Press Credentials
  • Proven and Accepted Worldwide

***CUSTOM FLAG or specify “No Flag.” Flags Available: All Country Flags, USA State and Canadian Province Flags, UN and EU Flags.

$29.95 Optional Press Passport