If our FAQs below don’t answer your questions, please reach out to our office via phone or email.

So if I apply for your press credentials, does that mean I can walk up to any event and get automatic entrance?

It doesn’t work exactly like that; however, if you do not have a press card you cannot even approach an event and hope for press access. Acquiring press credentials is the first step in a  process. For most local and regional events, you can show up early, identify yourself and be admitted. Having press credentials is usually enough for a breaking news situation so you can identify yourself and your organization to emergency responders on the scene. If you want press access to a high-profile or prestigious event, there could be a few more hoops to jump through to succeed — specific to that event. Most high-profile events have an application process, and sometimes they want your editor (which would be us) to apply on your behalf. You must meet the application deadlines or your request will not be considered. We do everything we can to provide you with support and legitimacy through the process. Over the years our success has been 85-90% effective, which is an excellent record. There are usually legitimate reasons why press access is denied, missed deadlines, lack of space or restrictions on who is allowed to cover the event such as major news networks only etc.

Why does your company have so many different names?

Officially, we are the International Freelance Photographers’ Organization (IFPO)/American Image Press. Many people apply to join the organization and are content with the benefits of a membership only. American Image Press publishes Today’s Photographer International Magazine, which is supported by photographers and journalist on assignment for American Image Press, AI News Service, and USPRESSCORPS.ORG. Each press organization is suited to particular events and geographic locations so our members can join the press program that works best for them. All are under the umbrella of the parent organization, IFPO.

If you are the International Freelance Photographers’ Organization, do you only accept membership applications from photographers?

Although originally founded to provide more access for freelance photographers, we quickly realized there were many other independent media specialists who could use assistance getting into to the events. Now, we welcome journalists, photojournalists, bloggers, broadcast media, reporters, videojournalists, and any other serious professionals in the world of media who need credentials plus back up and support for their work.

Why don’t you require samples of work for the application?

There are a lot of barriers for independent media professionals in the world, and our goal is to help provide access to serious photographers and journalists. That includes people who are looking to break into the industry and may not have professional work to showcase yet. We don’t engage in screening our applicants. We welcome everyone and do our best to educate and lead through the learning process. We encourage serious standards and professional behavior for our members. All members receive a copy of our press code of ethics when they apply. All members are expected to maintain professional behavior when representing our organization. Members who violate these standards may have their membership and credentials revoked.

What sets you apart from other magazines and press organizations?

First, we broke the barriers for freelance and independent photographers to cover events  beginning in the mid 1980s, so we have the experience. And we aren’t just content to ship you press cards – we want to support you to get you where you need to go! We have a phone number that we will answer, and we are happy to answer your questions and discuss how we can work with you to achieve your goals. We are delighted to see your emails with press requests so we can do what we can to get you into the events you want to cover. And we are always so impressed and grateful for the great photographs that our members send us to highlight in Today’s Photographer International magazine and on Facebook and Instagram.

Why are the enrollment fees on the press credentials so high?

First, our press credentials are issued for three years. Many organizations issue credentials that are only valid for one year. When you compare our fees to others, consider the yearly cost, which is usually very reasonable. For example, our American Image Gold Press program is $99 for 3 years (the annual fee of $33 is about the same price as a really good burger and a couple of craft beers).  Also, when you renew our press credentials at the end of three years, the renewal prices are significantly less for the next three years, so the annual fee decreases over time.

How do I know which press credentials to get?

Once you have completed a lifetime membership application, you are eligible to enroll in any of our press programs. Our three press programs have been developed through member feedback, and the press credential you need depends on your location and the type of events you wish to attend. You can view a description of each type on the Overview of Press Credentials page, and you can always call us or email us to ask what would be best for your circumstances. Remember, we answer our phones.

How do I make a press request with your office?

If you need us to make a press request on your behalf, we ask that you send us the information below via email (homeoffice@ainewsservice.net). Bolded fields are required. While we do try to accommodate all press requests, we do charge an Express Press Request fee for requests with a quick turnaround or for very high volume of requests.

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What if I just want press credentials and don’t need editorial support or membership?

We do strongly recommend getting press credentials that include editorial support because we see that as the best chance for success. However, there are some individuals or groups from small media companies who either do not need assistance or have assistance from their employers and just need photo IDs from a larger, recognized organization such as USPRESSCORPS.ORG/  We have modified our USPRESSCORPS.org program to accommodate these special circumstances.  We now offer a quick access badge program that can be customized for domestic or international use. Pricing is currently $79 per set or $99 for both sets, and we do offer discounts for group orders if you contact us by phone or email.

Our office is fully staffed Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Call or email us for assistance from our editorial staff!

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