Get Press Credentials That Really Work

Available to Freelance Photographers and Journalists

Press member photographers and journalists of IFPO have successfully gained access to controlled events, news events, concerts, and press conferences for almost 40 years with IFPO Official Press cards, Letters of Assignment and Internet Verification. Editorial support which is provided by editors of Today’s Photographer International magazine is key to major assignments.

Okay, you have succumbed to the call of press photography. You feel ready to snap those incredible pictures and to tackle those important and exciting topics. You want to join the ranks of other press photographers who seek to freeze moments of time to represent to the community. You think constantly of new ways to improve your photos. But how do you begin to access the sites and events that will offer you the opportunities to exercise your skills?

Once you commit yourself to pursuing press photography or photojournalism, you then need to procure the press credentials that really work to open the doors to the world of news breaking events. Some photographers obtain credentials by working for publications that employ full-time photojournalists. Other companies contract freelancers on a regular basis. However, the beginner or freelancer who is not employed by a news-gathering publication would benefit greatly from joining IFPO.  IFPO PRESS members are on assignment for Today’s Photographer International Magazine and its affiliate, American Image News Service.

The IFPO Press credentials are available to IFPO members only. Press cards are offered in a variety of packages. They are backed up and supported by the staff of Today’s Photographer International Magazine and the American Image Press  staff.  The IFPO Press Credentials offer all the necessary documentation that a freelance press photographer, photojournalist or reporter will need to prove he is a working member of the press.

Press Packages include:

• Letter of Certification•Internet Verification

• Press Pass I.D. Card with braided lanyard

• Optional Press Passport style I.D.

• Wallet Press Pass I.D. Card

Optional press items include:

• Luggage/Camera bag tags with leatherette straps

• Press Hats

• Dash Press Card, Auto ID Badges (mirror hangers)

• Press Auto Magnets (11” D) for your car door

Press Business Cards  •  Release Forms