How to Copyright Works in a Series

A series of works may be copyrighted for the same fee as one work.  This is recommended especially if the copyright symbol is printed on each individual work.  Works in a series may be registered with the U. S. Copyright Office once a year or at any interval convenient for the creator.

It is important to catalog each work as it is produced and reserve one copy to be submitted with the copyright application.  For example all works in the “2022  Series” might include “Photograph I or Title x; Photograph II or Title xx; Photograph III or Title xxx” etc.  A number of works can be submitted for registration in this manner for one registration fee.  Remember to submit the appropriate number of prints with each application.

A series may consist of any group of works designated by the creator.  A group of works in the same category such as Photojournalism, Sports Action, Model Portfolios or Landscapes in the Rockies could each become a series to be copyrighted in a single application fee.