How to Cover Golf Tournaments

The golf course can seem like one of the quietest places on earth. A secluded island would most likely create more sound. Pay attention to this and respect the concentration of the players. Adhere strictly to the established PGA Tour Media Guidelines or risk ejection from the premises.

1. Create no noise or distraction near the playing area during play.

2. A photograph of the player engaging the ball must be taken just after the player hits the ball.

3. A photographer must remain within a maximum of an arm’s length inside the gallery ropes.

4. A photographer must wear the photo armband at all times in order to walk inside the gallery ropes.

5. Flashes must not be used on the course during play. They may only be used during opening and closing ceremonies.

6. Clean up after yourself. Do not leave anything on the ground.

7. Never photograph your subject in an uncompromising position.

Golf is considered to be a gentleman’s sport. Dress code and behavior for covering golf events should be that of a gentleman or lady. That simply means dress to blend in with the spectators – not the costume of the golfers. Behavior is low key professional.