IFPO Distributorship Program

IFPO is recognized in more than 140 countries on all continents of the world and has almost 90,000 members.


An IFPO Distributorship is an exceptional opportunity for IFPO members to achieve success and make money by taking advantage of the millions of dollars and dozens of years of research that have gone into developing the IFPO / Today’s Photographer Magazine Concept. The modest distributor’s fee gives you the value of MILLIONS of dollars that have been invested in IFPO’s nearly 40 years of advertising, dependability, quality and service.


  • You can start a new business and coast in the wake of the IFPO flagship. Let its research, product development, name recognition and dollars spent on advertising make money for you.
  • DISTRIBUTOR DISCOUNT: You are entitled to order products and services from a current issue of Today’s Photographer at only 50% of the listed standard price.
  • QUANTITIES AND SHIPMENTS: Order in any quantity. IFPO will ship to you or your customer direct. No minimums or quotas.
  • EXCLUSIONS: You CANNOT apply your distributor’s discount to: USA or Foreign shipping · Quantity discount packages such as 3R0X, 3VVX, item numbers containing “X”, or special offers with expiration dates · Classified and display advertising · Items in out-of-date issues may no longer be valid · Items not sold by IFPO/American Image are excluded. Items not sold in Today’s Photographer magazine are excluded.
  • You can guarantee satisfaction for each product and program you offer. That customer satisfaction is backed up by IFPO and is a vital part of the IFPO success story.


  • You may wish to purchase many IFPO programs or services for yourself. A distributorship will save you 50%.
  • You may be associated with a group such as a camera club, family members or close associates who may want to participate in IFPO products and services at discount prices.
  • If you have a photography studio or similar business, you may wish to arm all of your staff members with memberships and press program credentials from IFPO to make them more competitive. An IFPO Distributorship would enable them to do this at reduced costs to the studio or company.
  • You may want to start down the road of being your own boss with an IFPO distributorship. You can start small, order in any quantities, part time or full time.
  • Most of all, you may have a few hours a week to invest in your financial future.


The best opportunity you have to make money as a distributor is to give your customers a REASON to do business with you. You can use your own liberal distributor discount to your advantage. If you can give your customers a 5 or 10% discount by purchasing through you, then they have a reason to order with you instead of ordering directly through mail order with IFPO. Your own margins may be a little slimmer, but your volume would be much higher.

How to Enroll in the DISTRIBUTOR Program:


*If you are not an IFPO member and qualify for this program, please include your IFPO Lifetime Membership Fee (#770L) of $79.00 with this Enrollment.

$79.00…#773L-W..IFPO Lifetime Membership