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IFPO provides the credentials, backup and support to make money, gain access and get published. IFPO has been the international source of support for freelance photographers and journalists since 1984. IFPO’s one time, lifetime fee provides access to all other optional IFPO programs and services.

IFPO’s proven programs pave the way for independent photographers and journalists to succeed — no matter where they live, their goals or experiences.

Backup and Support
You are never alone with IFPO. You can always prove who you are with your IFPO unique code linked to an online site for verification 24-7.

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IFPO provides tips for building portfolios, covering events, protecting the rights of your photos, working with clients and getting published — the key to being recognized as a photographer or journalist. IFPO Business Contracts, Model Release Forms, Business cards, Recognition certification, Vehicle ID’s and much, much more build the recognition you need to make money.

Gain Access
Prior to 1987, when IFPO Press photographers broke the barriers to cover press events, freelancers were not recognized as members of the press. Since 1987 IFPO members have covered world class events ranging from US Presidential Inaugurations, Formula I Racing, Iron Man Championships, Fashion Shows in New York, Milan and Paris plus thousands more lesser events.

Get Published
Getting your work published is key to making money in your field. IFPO membership guarantees you the opportunity to get your photos and articles considered for publication in Today’s Photographer International (TPI) magazine. If you’ve never been published or need more publication credits, IFPO could be your chance of a lifetime. TPI magazine publishes real stories and photos — from IFPO members just like you!

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I have been covering Canada’s Air Show Atlantic productions for the last several years with no plans for slowing down. My enrollment in the IFPO Gold Press program, AI News Service credentials and USPRESSCORPS.ORG have been beyond valuable to me. This marks my 25th year as an IFPO member — which I credit for a large part of my success as a Photojournalist.

Brian Teepell
IFPO Member since 1999