USPRESSCORPS.ORG is a core of photographers and journalists who provide comprehensive news for distribution in North America and Western Europe. USPRESSCORPS.ORG members can be members of other media organizations or independent freelancers who work alone. USPRESSCORPS.ORG credentials are recognized at major sports, entertainment and news events.
Fact-based, well-documented, unbiased press coverage may be more important today than almost any other time in history. In print media, newspapers and magazines are folding monthly or publishing less frequently.  So called mainstream media is either left or right leaning, and true journalism seems to be jeopardy.  This turmoil has created an opening for a ground swell of candid and truthful reporting outside the mainstream media, who are mesmerized on issues of the day – whether left or right – and other news events are left by the wayside. Members of USPRESSCORPS.ORG are prepared to cover that gap. They are on the ground where news happens and are prepared to report it to newspapers, TV stations, book publishers and more everyday throughout the year.