What is American International News Service?

In 2004, after 20 years of American Image Press covering news events around the world, American International (AI) News Service was established. The mission of AI News is to have experienced photographers and journalists stationed all over the world – ready to cover news as it happens. Breaking news knows no borders and is most often unpredictable. Traditional news gathering institutions such as major TV networks, USA Today, The London Times, The Moscow Times, Al Ahram, Cairo and others simply cannot station correspondents in each city, town and hamlet in every country on each continent waiting for news to break. AI News can – because we had been building a ground game to do so since 1984 in 144 countries.

Since 1984, American Image Press has recruited veteran correspondents with the depth and breadth of experience to report from the furthermost corners of the earth. From 144 countries, AI News Correspondents currently provide comprehensive coverage that is factual and in context directly to major news outlets for distribution. They live and work in some of the most populated and remote regions imaginable, ready and willing to capture news the instant it breaks.  AND they have the capacity to get it to mass media outlets for immediate release.

Since 2004, AI News photographers and journalists have submitted their work to many, many media outlets internationally including Today’s Photographer International magazine, NBC News, BNTV News, NBC News, The Fiji Sun USA, Crossroads Motorcycle, A1F1Thunder Roads, Easyriders Biker and In the Wind Biker to name a few.