Where to get Press Cards?

IFPO member photographers and journalists can successfully gain access to sports, news, concerts and more with press credentials available only to IFPO members. But how do you begin to access the sites and events that will offer you the opportunities to develop your skills as a member of the press? Especially when most major events require freelancers to be on assignment?

First you need to procure the press credentials that will open the doors to the world of news-breaking events. Some members of the press obtain credentials through their employment with news-gathering institutions. Other news outlets hire freelancers on a regular basis. However, the beginner or freelancer who has not secured a particular working relationship with a publication could benefit greatly by joining the IFPO and applying for press credentials.

IFPO dedicates itself to the education and advancement of its members who are seeking a career in press photography and photojournalism. IFPO is committed to protecting the rights of the public to be informed truthfully and completely about the events occurring around them all the time.

IFPO and its members feel that no story is complete without a photograph to support and enhance the meaning of the words.  IFPO press members can successfully gain access to controlled events, news events, and press conferences by enrolling in one of the three press programs, available to members only, all of which include a Letter of Assignment and internet verification, which is available 24/7.  Each program is backed up and supported by the editors of Today’s Photographer International Magazine and the American Image Press staff. All press cards are valid for three (3) years.